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US Racial Discrimination Still a Problem

Most Americans say racial and ethnic discrimination is “a huge issue” in America and many consider the nation’s race relations have gotten worse under President Barack Obama, based on another survey.  It is disturbing considering this was expected to be one of the President’s primary goals during his time in office.  In fact it is actually quite difficult to find any significant sector of society who believes that there has been any improvement in both racial and ethnic discrimination during the last decade.


African American respondents were almost equally split on the question while whites were most prone to say things had gotten worse. Latinos were more likely than whites hadn’t changed since Obama was elected president.

The same was said by somewhat less than half.

There are of course lots of other issues that can effect  these findings, including any significant events happening around the time of the surveys.  These will always have a huge impact on results and can seriously skew data.  It is also worth remembering that the last decade has brought even more developments in communication like social media.  People communicate on a global level now, particularly with Smart DNS tools like this –  anyone can watch the news or media in any country they like merely by changing a couple of settings on their router.

Racism and race have dominated politics and news headlines in the White House for much.

Large scale demonstrations have been activated by the killing of several unarmed black men by white police officers in recent months and conclusions by grand juries to not indict the policemen throughout the United States.

Additionally, there is prevalent racial inequality in the American criminal justice system. Based on a study one out of every three black males will probably be sentenced to prison in their life. The amount for white males is estimated at approximately one in seventeen will be sentenced to any prison term (again this will vary widely on location, social status).

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A New Direction for Your Life

Almost fifty years ago, Rosa Parks made a simple, however daring choice that started a revolution. On December 1, 1955, Rosa was riding on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa refused, despite the fact that the law required her to achieve that.  This act of defiance sparked a revolution that would change the world for the better, her bravery and courage inspired others.  Check out the Rosa Parks documentary created by the BBC if you want to learn more (try this for outside UK}

What gave the motivation to Rosa Parks ? Rosa imagined herself as instigator, and the architect, goalkeeper of that vision.

Her vision was supported by her with a clearly defined principle which was firmly ingrained in her core values and beliefs.

The years’ vision was ground-breaking and grand and the world altered. Your private vision wants just be enormous in your own life. Your views are your views whatever the scale. And every vision is caused by knowledge and a strong sense of purpose about exactly what you need, and who you are.

You’ve discovered your own voice; when you find what what you’re enthusiastic about, what gives you pleasure, and what drives one to attain personal success. Your voice is not going to be refused. Unexpectedly, you discover yourself connected so greatly to a more profound sense of purpose that the very motive for being changes.

It is a fresh chapter in your life’s start. It is possible to create all the targets and set all the strategies which will take you there, knowing what it’s you wish to accomplish, be, and understand. This is an exhilarating and thrilling discovery when you create your individual vision and discover your goal.

From this new position of self knowledge and comprehension, it is possible to start to assimilate all of your previous experiences, failures, and disappointments with the activities that will move you forwards, and allow you to create a narrative that is completely new.

Jennie Agutter: Life Coach