Benin Hosts the 9th African Carbon Forum

In a few days one of the most important African meetings takes place. It is the 9th African Carbon Forum and the agenda is one of huge significance – human rights and carbon emissions take centre stage.

Key stakeholders in the public sector, private sector and civil society in Africa and beyond are set to meet next week at Cotonou, Benin, to carry ahead collaborative climate action for sustainable growth within the area.   There is limited coverage of this event although some will be evident in the UK and US media for example.   If you are able to buy UK proxy IP address, then you can access the BBC which is well known for covering climate change and human rights based conferences.

In the African Carbon Forum, being held in Benin in 28-30 June, participants will concentrate on how to reinforce cooperation between authorities and other stakeholders in crucial sectors for Africa — particularly energy, agriculture and human settlements. This includes the function of future carbon markets in boosting climate activity and sustainable growth.

The assembly includes a high level ministerial department hosted with the Government of Benin, where Ministers and high-level officials will talk about mobilizing financial resources to undertake climate change.

“The Africa Carbon Forum can investigate how existing emission reduction initiatives could be further reinforced in crucial sectors of African nations. It’s also a chance to learn more about the part of future carbon dioxide markets to assist nations in reaching the targets of the Paris Agreement.”

Two-thirds of Africans earn their living off the land, therefore, it’s vital that the continent secures a climate-resilient economical and growth path. Hosting the Africa Carbon Forum establishes Benin’s dedication to the Paris Agreement and also to the wider prosperity of this continent”

The Africa Carbon Forum at Benin will incorporate the discussion of:

  • Practical illustrations of initiatives, policies and activities in Africa;
  • Barriers and allowing measures for participating climate activity in key sectors;
  • Advancing the measures to reduce climate activity.

Further Information:

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