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Advice for Women Visiting Saudi Arabia

Women Saudi Arabia
You will feel the difference after you land on the Riyadh airport. However it’s not just the heat that you’ll experience the difference especially if you’re female. For there are huge cultural differences that you’ll be best to prepare for before you even board a flight to Riyadh. It’s a rare event for the employees there to see a western woman and you certainly won’t see many out on their own. The western females who are here generally prefer living in their compound houses or are found in shopping centers.

So here are some immediate differences you’ll feel. Well one thing that may come as a surprise is that there’s no automobile driving for women. No arguments I’m afraid, you simply can’t drive a vehicle. Don’t whatever you do try and get into an argument about the moral values behind this, it’s the law and you’re not going to change it from street level!

Shopping is actually excellent and it’s worth noting that opening times are more flexible than in Western shopping centers. One large difference you will notice is that in Riyadh you are able to go purchasing very late into the night and it’s totally normal for people living there.

For those of us who use the internet for all aspects of our lives, there might also be an issue.  The Saudi authorities heavily filter and restrict access to the internet and you may find access to many sites blocked.  These are for a variety of reasons usually cited as religious or security based, but they can be very restrictive.  The usual fix for this is to invest in some sort of VPN or proxy based in another country.  For example if you connect directly to a German proxy like this then you’ll have no filters or blocks applied.   You can even use this sort of technology to keep up with the news, accessing a UK VPN server for example will allow you to watch the BBC News streaming abroad – check here for information.

This is one big advantage you will have finished the western countries, since largely the dinning and shopping in these countries closes early. If you’re in Jeddah then there’s absolutely no time at all limit. The malls are mainly open until midnight and eating you may do all day long. In the month of Ramadan, the stores are open until the dawn prayers. In whole of the nation, all the stores are closed for prayers. If you are within a mall purchasing, then the doors will be shut and you’ll remain inside for 30 mins until the prayers are over. No outdoor entertainment is allowed at all at this time.

In religious and holy areas, there are no cinemas, bars, clubs etc. If you’re with a family it does have a positive side, you are simply able to spend more time with your children and husband. Being a women in Saudi Arabia does take some getting used to one of the first things you’ll notice is that you will be having lots of time at home. Additionally if you are living in a western compound area then you might discover some facilities and amusement there and these are available without a gender difference.

There are places women can’t travel to, for example you can’t go to Makkah and Madina. For men it’s easier, you can travel throughout the whole country, but if you’re a non muslim then you won’t get permission to enter these Holy cities. Remember though, no alcohol for anyone and narcotics are strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia and carry severe penalties.

For Christians worship can be difficult, there are after all no churches anywhere, In fact you won’t find any church in Saudi Arabia so you’ll have to confine yourself to your home if you wish to practice any religion other than Islam. One season all year long and the weather doesn’t change that much mostof thetime it’s hot in Riyadh, but there’s winter for few months where you may need a light jacket while moving out during the night. There’s one experience you must not miss out on and that’s the famous desert safaris. Riyadh is situated right in the center of the Arabian desert. Unfortunately for a woman you’ll need to find a male partner to drive or you won’t be allowed but there worth doing and most people enjoy a lot of desert safaris. These safaris are planned independently but also can be booked though the tourism department. The reality is that Saudi Arabia has lots to offer the traveller or tourist however the cultural differences can be challenging especially for women travelling alone.

The Growth of a Global Women’s Movement

The term women’s suffrage identifies women’s right to vote by law in local and national elections. There was perhaps no real place was left for this issue per se, however women were very clearly present in all reform oriented action. With the notable exception of the top social classes, women also didn’t really perceive their social and political rights to be at odds with all the rights of men in their course. Actually on the flip side, they believed themselves to be mostly on an equal footing, seeing guys as comrades and allies in the battle to acquire a better life for many socially, politically and judicially downtrodden men and women.

Later in her article, she asserts that the problem of suffrage thus didn’t provide a foundation for the dispersing of a battle between the sexes in Finland. Irrespective of the difficulty of the job, Norwegian women succeeded several years ahead of most other countries in Europe.  This was, largely, because of their non militant, concerted methods, which on all the whole sought to accent the suffrage struggle wasn’t a battle between the genders, but instead that women were mature and curious enough to undertake the vote, and perform an active, supportive role in forming society.   It is a role that you can see today with most Scandinavian countries having extremely equal and progressive societies – try checking out their TV through this video proxy site here. Practically talking, the current women’s conditions in these states, no matter the historic events, represent a very developed situation wherein women attained equal rights, they are regarded as a roll model for other nations.

There was a continuing battle between defenders of Islam and critics upon girls problems. You can claim that there is now an almost universally held belief that nearly all women in Islam societies face wretched persecution also that Islam itself is entirely to blame. Joshua Holland, as a denial of the idea considers that there’s no empirical data to suggest that an Islam majority itself correlates with all the subordination of girls better than other co variables like economic growth, women’s capability to serve in government, a political culture that enhances all the rule of law or access to college education.

The matter of women’s suffrage seems quite absent from academic functions of those countries. One important point we ought to take into account is the social and cultural scenarios of those nations shouldn’t be regarded as the same in addition to their women’s social situations. Each one of these names connote to a particular culture and attitude toward women, e.g. In Saudi Arabia, probably the most male dominant nations, there’s No suffrage for females. In 2003, 300 Saudi girls signed a petition calling on all the country’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Abdullah, to recognize their legal and civil rights.

Update on Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia – BBC News Streaming Abroad