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A New Direction for Your Life

Almost fifty years ago, Rosa Parks made a simple, however daring choice that started a revolution. On December 1, 1955, Rosa was riding on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa refused, despite the fact that the law required her to achieve that.  This act of defiance sparked a revolution that would change the world for the better, her bravery and courage inspired others.  Check out the Rosa Parks documentary created by the BBC if you want to learn more (try this for outside UK}

What gave the motivation to Rosa Parks ? Rosa imagined herself as instigator, and the architect, goalkeeper of that vision.

Her vision was supported by her with a clearly defined principle which was firmly ingrained in her core values and beliefs.

The years’ vision was ground-breaking and grand and the world altered. Your private vision wants just be enormous in your own life. Your views are your views whatever the scale. And every vision is caused by knowledge and a strong sense of purpose about exactly what you need, and who you are.

You’ve discovered your own voice; when you find what what you’re enthusiastic about, what gives you pleasure, and what drives one to attain personal success. Your voice is not going to be refused. Unexpectedly, you discover yourself connected so greatly to a more profound sense of purpose that the very motive for being changes.

It is a fresh chapter in your life’s start. It is possible to create all the targets and set all the strategies which will take you there, knowing what it’s you wish to accomplish, be, and understand. This is an exhilarating and thrilling discovery when you create your individual vision and discover your goal.

From this new position of self knowledge and comprehension, it is possible to start to assimilate all of your previous experiences, failures, and disappointments with the activities that will move you forwards, and allow you to create a narrative that is completely new.

Jennie Agutter: Life Coach

Is Netflix Worth it for Kids

For several years now I’ve been paying a small fortune in cable bills for hundreds of TV stations that I never watch. I had presumed though that my children were at least making use of this expense, but I recently discovered that the most watched channel on my TV was actually the two free BBC kids ones.

So after reviewing my options I decided to save myself this bill and look for alternatives to provide some entertainment for my children at a more affordable price.

I had a range of multimedia devices but the two that seemed to work best were a little device called the Roku and the WiiU my children’s favorite games console. There are lots of other devices like the Playstation and Xbox that would work just as well.

My first port of call was the Amazon service that was called Love Film but is now bundled with a membership for Amazon Prime. A free trial was on offer (which is easily cancelled) and I decided to try it out for a month. First of all the interface on the WiiU is awful, there seems to be a huge amount of lag when you select anything or press a key. There’s quite a lot of content on it but nothing that brilliant, most of the latest stuff you have to pay for though to stream. It’s probably worth a look but the interface on the WiiU put me right off as it’s a nightmare to use. If you have access on something else like your TV or Xbox perhaps it will work better – it costs about £72 a year but that it includes all the fast Amazon delivery if you buy lots from them.

Next I checked out Netflix, which worked both on my WiiU and the Roku, slightly prefer the WiiU as you can use the gamepad and screen to browse when someone is watching something else. Be warned though there are lots of different country versions of Netflix and the US one is by far the best – watch this if you want access – How to Get US Netflix.

The cost is £5.99 a month and there’s a huge amount of choice. There’s nothing absolutely new, but hundreds of complete series that you can get your moneys worth – we’ve watched loads of UK series we’d missed, Lost (all 70 odd episodes), Grimm and a load of others. There’s really an awful lot of content and lots of films from about 12 months plus – neat little system to find and recommend. Well worth the investment and I have watched more on Netflix for £5.99 than I ever did on my £69 monthly subscription to SKY TV.

It is worth investigating the different versions though, there’s loads more content on the American version and being able to switch countries is most useful – I did it by changing the DNS settings on my router using a service like this.